First Nations Labour and Employment Development Survey

The First Nations Labour and Employment and Development (FNLED) survey is a new national survey initiative from the First Nations Information Governance Centre (FNIGC) that will gather labour market information about employment, labour, jobs, and skills in First Nations communities across Canada.

Launched in the field in 2018, the FNLED is being carried out by FNIGC, a non-profit First Nations organization, in collaboration with its Regional Partner organizations (representing 10 provinces and two territories).

The FNLED represents an important extension of work done by FNIGC and its regional partners and is being designed to build on the foundational work of the First Nations Regional Health Survey (FNRHS, or RHS) and more specifically, the First Nations Regional Early Childhood, Education, and Employment Survey (FNREEES, or REEES).  

The FNLED will emphasize the collection of labour market information (employment, labour, jobs and skills) and therefore will focus on First Nations youth and adults (not children).

The data collection period for the survey is slated to start in fall 2018 and will take 14 months, with nearly 19,000 First Nations people in 230 communities sampled. The FNLED national report is scheduled for release in 2021.