RHS Phase 3 data collection sets a new record

In April 2015, the latest phase of the long-running First Nations Regional Health Survey (RHS Phase 3) began the data collection process with the goal of surveying more than 30,000 First Nations people in 280 First Nations communities across Canada. As we all know at FNIGC, this is an awesome task that is faced with a wide range of challenges such as poor weather, infrastructure issues, internet connectivity, and community-specific challenges. But despite the many obstacles and impediments, we have always prided ourselves in having a strong team of Regional Partners who are committed to getting the job done.

Now, more than two years later through thick-and-thin, we are proud to report that our Regional Partners came through again in a big way, collecting more than 24,000 surveys in 253 communities — or 78 percent of the target number. This exceeds the previous record for FNIGC survey completion, which was 73 percent for RHS Phase 2 (which saw 21,757 surveys collected in 217 communities).

This is an amazing achievement and one that should be celebrated by everyone in the FNIGC team in Ottawa and across the country within our 10 Regional Partner organizations. As we all know, quality data collected by First Nations for First Nations is a key tool to effecting positive change in our communities, and the key to collecting that data lies with us.

Great work! You all deserve a hand!