FNIGC National Student Bursary

Applications for FNIGC’s 2019 National Student Bursary are now being accepted

November 4, 2019 | The First Nations Information Governance Centre (FNIGC) is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for the 9th Annual FNIGC National Student Bursary. 

This year FNIGC will grant up to four $2,500 bursaries to outstanding First Nations students enrolled in a post-secondary institution (university or college) in health, social sciences, or applied sciences, or studying issues related to helping First Nations achieve data sovereignty. A focus on quantitative or mixed methods research in one or more of the following fields would be an asset: 

  • epidemiology,
  • population health,
  • biostatistics,
  • statistics,
  • information management/information technology, 
  • economics,
  • indigenous studies, or 
  • interdisciplinary studies
  • environmental studies/science, and 
  • computer science. 

The deadline for applications is Friday, November 29, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. EST. 

Established in 2011, FNIGC’s National Student Bursary is awarded annually to qualifying First Nations students and also includes free registration (a $250 value) to The Fundamentals of OCAP®, FNIGC’s online training program that helps students, researchers, government, and others better understand the First Nations principles of ownership, control, access, and possession as they relate to data sovereignty, information governance, and ethical community-based research.

“FNIGC’s National Student Bursary is intended to make First Nations students’ lives a little easier while they are away at school” says Bonnie Healy, Chair of the FNIGC Board of Directors. “We understand the disproportionate number of barriers our students face when it comes to completing their education. Our hope is that this bursary will reduce some of the stress and allow them to focus on their studies.” 

Since it was established nearly a decade ago, FNIGC’s bursary program has awarded more than $23,000 to 15 First Nations post-secondary students across Canada.   

A First Nations non-profit organization operating with a special mandate from the Assembly of First Nations, FNIGC envisions that every First Nation will achieve data sovereignty in alignment with its distinct world view.

FNIGC serves the information, research, training and capacity needs of First Nations communities through its unique data-gathering initiatives, including the First Nations Regional Health Survey, the First Nations Regional Early Childhood, Education, and Employment Survey, and the First Nations Labour and Employment Development Survey. FNIGC is committed to improving the health and well-being of First Nations people living and raising their families on-reserve and in northern communities located across the country through the assertion of data sovereignty.  

To learn more about the recipients of the 2018 National Student Bursary, check out FNIGC.ca:  https://fnigc.ca/news/meet-recipients-2018-fnigc-national-student-bursary.html 

For more information on the bursary application process, contact Erin Corston, Senior Advisor, Partnerships & Capacity, at613-733-1916 ext. 128 or at ecorston@fnigc.ca

For more information on FNIGC, visit FNIGC.ca. or contact Brad Mackay, Manager, Communications, at613-733-1916 ext. 109 or bmackay@fnigc.ca


Rating Matrix

Mandatory Criteria

Any applications that do not meet all of the mandatory criteria listed below will be disqualified and will not proceed to the next phase of the process (i.e., the application will be declined). All applicants that are declined will be notified via email and an explanation will be provided as to why they were not successful.

Criteria Details
Completed application form
  • Application form received on or before deadline
Completed 500-word essay
  • Explain how credible data is beneficial to First Nations
  • Essay received on or before deadline
  • Word count at 500 or more words
Evidence of First Nations status
  • Status Card 
  • Confirmation of status or membership affirmed in a letter signed by your Chief and/or a Council member on behalf of the community 
Evidence of enrollment in a post-secondary institution in one of the four areas of study
  • Letter of acceptance and/or
  • Enrollment documentation and/or
  • Transcripts of marks
One reference letter 
  • Signed by your Chief or a Council member or Band Administrator, on behalf of the community
  • Signed by your post-secondary institution guidance office, or a professor or instructor
  • Signed by a former employer 


Rated Criteria 

All applicants’ submissions will be anonymized and rated by a randomly selected sub committee of the FNIGC Board of Directors. Directors will use the following rating scale to rate each of the applicants’ submissions. Their scores will be tabulated and the four (4) highest rated submissions will receive a bursary.   

Criteria Details Rating Scale
Completed 500-word essay Structure (minimum 500 words) 100 points
Evidence based (use of examples) 20 points
Style (grammar, spelling, syntax) 20 points
Logical and persuasive (analysis) 20 points
Quality and clarity of thought 20 points
Illustrates strong understanding of the value of data  20 points
TOTAL Possible 200 points  

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