A behind-the-scenes look at FNIGC's latest video exploring the ‘Power of Data’

A big part of FNIGC’s Communications efforts over the past couple of years has been getting the message out about what we do to as many people as possible. This push has included a focus on videos, which includes our Understanding OCAP® video and our First Nations Community Survey video. So to help make our upcoming REEES data release conference extra-special we decided that our latest video should focus on our survey process, or how we do what we do.

FNIGC’s survey work is well-respected amongst stakeholders, researchers, and First Nations communities, but few have been given insight into how we collect the data itself. This new video, which will debut on November 17 during the first day of of the conference, is our most ambitious to date and saw us travel to two First Nations communities in Nova Scotia to capture a day-in-the life of a RHS Fieldworker.

In October we traveled to Shubenacadie/Sipekne'katik First Nation, a Mi'kmaq community located in Hants County in central Nova Scotia, where we spent a day with local RHS Fieldworker and Regional staff. The following day was spent in Millbrook First Nation, where we spent the day with three filming in and around the scenic Mi'kmaq located near Truro.

Jamie Lee Gehue, Andrew Muir and Jeff Pelletier in Sipekne'katik

The entire trip was exhilarating, as we met and talked with First Nations community members and leaders about the unique nature of the REEES and RHS processes and how the data gathered by the surveys benefits First Nations communities.

If you want to be there for the premiere of the final video make sure you register for FNIGC’s FNREEES National Data Release Conference now!  

Gerald Gloade in Millbrook First Nation
Elizabeth Paul in Millbrook First Nation