FNIGC’s 2012 – 2013 report to the AFN

In accordance with our by-laws, and as a reflection of our corporate structure and the importance of First Nations’ accountability to their governments and members, FNIGC is required to provide an annual update to the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) Chiefs in Assembly.

This year we provided our 2012 – 2013 Report to the AFN’s 34th Annual Chiefs in Assembly in Whitehorse, Yukon which ran July 16 – 18. This report included a report from the Board of Directors, a current list of all FNIGC Staff, Members, and Directors, an update on FNIGC’s audited financial statement, a report on activities and operations, and a summary of new developments including the upcoming First Nations Regional Early Childhood, Education and Employment Survey (FNREEES or REEES, for short).

The report (in French and English) is available to download here: