FNIGC’s Fundamentals of OCAP® online course makes its debut in French

Though designed with the training needs of First Nations people in mind, the course is available to anyone and will prove useful to researchers or government employees looking to understand the information governance concerns and requirements of First Nations communities.

Now available in French, course registration is only $249 (plus GST/HST) and can be completed online at http://fnigc.ca/fr/training/fondements-pcap.html.

The course is designed to be completed in six hours. Once you are registered and have started the course, you will have three months to complete it.

About the First Nations principles of OCAP®

The First Nations principles of OCAP® are a set of standards that establish ground rules for how First Nations data can be collected, protected, used or shared. OCAP® reflects First Nation commitments to use and share information in a way that brings benefit to the community, while minimizing any possible harm. The rights of First Nations communities to Own, Control, Access, and Possess information about their peoples is fundamentally tied to self-determination and to the preservation and development of their culture.