FNIGC’s new OCAP® course off to strong start; to be rolled out in French this fall

Last month FNIGC launched The Fundamentals of OCAP® course, a new initiative developed in conjunction with Algonquin College, and the response since has exceeded FNIGC’s expectations — with more than 100 people from an eclectic range of First Nations, government, and non-profit organizations signing up for the innovative online course.

Participants in the course – the first of its kind — include First Nations governance employees, public service workers, federal officials, provincial health organizations, academics, and university students from across Canada, all of whom are seeking to expand their knowledge about the First Nations principles of OCAP® via an easily accessible and user-friendly platform.

In fact, The Fundamentals of OCAP® has proven so popular that FNIGC has begun developing a French language version of the course scheduled to debut in fall 2016. 

Founded in 1994, OCAP® (which stands for ownership, control, access, and possession) is a set of standards that establish how First Nations data can be collected, protected, used and shared. Over the years OCAP® has grown to become the gold standard for research and data collection conducted within First Nations communities. 

Launched on February 1, The Fundamentals of OCAP® is organized into seven modules including “What is OCAP®?”, “Implementing OCAP® at the Community Level” and “The Future of OCAP®”, which together provide a thorough review of the important First Nations principles.

Though designed with the training needs of First Nations people in mind, FNIGC’s new course is made available to anyone with internet access and will prove of interest to anyone who wants to understand the information governance concerns of First Nations.

Registration for The Fundamentals of OCAP® can be completed at FNIGC.ca/training. All registration forms are processed on the 16th of each month, with participants allotted three months to complete the course’s seven modules. Each participant will receive a Statement of Achievement from Algonquin College once they have successfully completed a short test.