‘Hey Cousin! There’s a new survey in town!’

Have you heard? The REEES, a new survey by First Nations for First Nations, is coming this fall to 250 communities.

The First Nations Early Childhood, Education and Employment Survey (FNREEES, or REEES for short) will be rolling out in reserve and northern communities in September 2013 and we’ve recruited the irrepressible Bunnuck Klikman to help spread the word!

Starting this summer, TV and radio PSAs featuring the hysterical character (and alter ego of Stan Wesley) will be airing on APTN and First Nations community radio stations across Canada. Funny and informative, these ads are intended to cut through the static and drive home an important point: that FIGC’s latest survey is worth paying attention to. As the ad says, the REEES survey is “By us, for us.”

You can view the ads below, or on FNIGC’s YouTube channel. To learn more about the REEES, go to the REEES section of our website.

Listen to our REEES radio ad: