The REEES is on its way!

FNIGC’s latest survey, the ”REEES,” will be coming to 250 First Nation reserve and northern communities this fall Like FNIGC’s long-running and successful Regional Health Survey (RHS), the REEES will collect quality information about First Nations communities using the First Nations principles of OCAP™ (Ownership, Control, Access and Possession) that will be used to support decision-making in First Nations communities, governments and... Read more

First Nations Information Governance Centre celebrates National Aboriginal Day

June 21, 2013 (Ottawa, ON) – The First Nations Information Governance Centre (FNIGC) is proud to pay tribute to all Indigenous people in Canada as we collectively take time to pause and celebrate National Aboriginal Day today. As Canada’s premier source of information about First Nations people living on reserve and in northern communities, FNIGC is committed to improving the health and well-being of people living in our 633 First Nations... Read more

FNIGC’s National Workshop - It’s a Wrap!

FNIGC’s National Workshop brings researchers, educators, ethicists, journalists (and an acclaimed First Nations actor) together to discuss information governance. More than 130 experts, researchers and professionals from a wide range of backgrounds gathered in Ottawa last week for the First Nations Information Governance Centre’s OCAP™ in Action 2013 National Workshop. The three-day workshop offered an opportunity for people from all walks... Read more

Announcement of the 2012 FNIGC Scholarship Award

The First Nations Information Governance Centre Board of Directors is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2012 Second Annual FNIGC Scholarship Award: Ms. Christi-Ann Poulette, a member of the Oneida Nation of the Thames First Nation in Ontario and Ms. Johanna Sam a member of the Tl'Etinqox T'in First Nation in British Columbia were the successful applicants for this year’s award. The First Nations Information Governance Centre (FNIGC)... Read more

FNIGC Formally Releases RHS Phase 2

Health Canada Release, September 27th, 2012 (10:30 - 12:30 EST.) The FNIGC formally released the “RHS Phase 2 (2008/10) National Report on the Adult, Youth and Children Living in First Nations Communities” to Health Canada on September 27th, at 10:30 - 12:30pm (EST.) at Tunney’s Pasture in Ottawa. Click on the download links below to gain exclusive access to the presentations. Within, you will find exciting and new selected results from the... Read more

Vitality of First Nations Cultures Remains the Same or Shows Improvement: Regional Health Survey

The majority of adults (83%) taking part in the First Nations Regional Health Survey (RHS) say they feel their cultures on-reserve and in northern communities had either improved or stayed the same. This is encouraging news after decades of government policies that sought to eradicate First Nations languages and cultures. 67% of First Nations adults "sometimes" participated in cultural events in their territories. The RHS found that adults... Read more

The First Nation Information Governance Centre Partners with Canada to Conduct Regional Education/Employment Survey

December 15, 2011, Ottawa, Ontario — The First Nations Information Governance Centre (FNIGC) has partnered with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) on the fourth generation of the Survey on Aboriginal Peoples (2011). The FNIGC will be conducting the First Nations Regional Education and Employment Survey (REES) of First Nations living on-reserve and in northern First Nation communities. Under a mandate received from the... Read more