New FNIGC video explains the importance of the First Nations principles of OCAP™

First Nations people have always understood the value of community, the importance of respect, and the need to protect our resources — and right now one of our most important resources is information. That’s why the First Nations Information Governance Center (FNIGC) — and OCAP™ — were created.  

Today we are proud to launch "Understanding the First Nations Principles of OCAP™: Our Road Map to Information Governance", a new video that tells the story of FNIGC and makes a compelling case for why the First Nations principles of OCAP™ should matter to all First Nations people.

This six-minute video, which premiered last week at the Assembly of First Nations 35th Annual General Assembly in Halifax, is a perfect introduction to FNIGC and its activities. One of our key activities is to oversee and uphold the First Nations principles of OCAP™, a set of guidelines that ensure First Nations people are the stewards of their own information and that they have the power to own, protect, control and possess information about themselves and their communities. 

Using a combination of traditional music, animation, and in-person interviews, this new video explains the concept of OCAP™ and First Nations information governance in an engaging and approachable way.

So sit back, take a few minutes, and enjoy!