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RHS Phase 1


During the planning stage for the second iteration of the RHS, the FNIGC directed that the RHS adopt a longitudinal design. Thus,

The survey instrument was developed over a 24 month period through an exhaustive yet very inclusive process. First Nations organizations and individuals from across Canada provided input. This process resulted in three national level questionnaires sections for adult [  1.9 Mb ], youth [  2.8 Mb ], and children [ 2.2 Mb].

There were also seven unique regional surveys deployed; this permitted regional specific issues to be addressed. The survey itself is holistic in nature, encompassing both Western and traditional thoughts on health and wellbeing.

Data collection began in October 2002 and continued for 12 months. A custom-built computer assisted personal interview (CAPI) system was developed specifically for data collection. CAPI involved 250 laptops, each running data collection software which in turn securely uploaded survey data onto one of three data servers. Thus, RHS 2002/03 involved the largest one-time deployment of a CAPI system in Canada at the time.

In total, 22,602 surveys were collected from 238 First Nations communities in 10 regions. This is the largest number First Nations individuals and First Nations communities whom have ever participated in a national level health survey. As a result, RHS Phase 1 (2002/03) was able to produce national level statistics on all of its measures. In fact, RHS 2002/03 remains the only national level survey which can report national level statistics about First Nations living on reserve.

In addition, 10 Regional specific reports have also been produced and are available online at:

For more information on the methodology involved, please refer to the Report on Methods and Process
[  18.2 Mb ]


RHS Phase 1 - National Reports

RHS 2002/03: Results for Adults, Youth, and Children Living in First Nations Communities [  2.8 Mb ]
RHS 2002/03: The Peoples' Report [  2.5 Mb ]
RHS 2002/03: Report on Methods and Processes [  18.2 Mb ]

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