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RHS Phase 2


For RHS Phase 2 the questionnaire content underwent extensive reviews and revisions. Comparability, non-response and redundancies were assessed, and new themes were added to the core components based on extensive feedback. The adult survey for Phase 2 included questions about migration, food security, violence, care giving, depression, the health utilities index and gambling. The youth survey included questions on community wellness and the children’s survey added questions on immunization. The three national level questionnaires can be found here; adult, youth, child.

RHS Phase 2 was initiated in spring 2008 and completed in the fall of 2010. The target sample for Phase 2 was 30,000 individuals across 250 First Nations communities in the 10 participating regions in Canada. In total, 72.5% of the target was achieved with 21,757 surveys collected across 216 First Nations communities.

You can download the final report here: First Nations Regional Health Survey 2008/10: National Report on Adults, Youth and Children living in First Nations Communities

In addition, regional specific reports and products have been produced and are available online at

Alberta - www.afnigc.ca

BC -  http://www.fnha.ca/Documents/RHS_Report.pdf
MB - http://www.manitobachiefs.com/
NB - http://www.unbi.org/
NS - http://www.unsi.ns.ca/
NWT - http://www.denenation.com/
ON -  http://www.chiefs-of-ontario.org/
QC - http://www.cssspnql.com/en/fnqlhssc
SK - http://www.fsin.com/
YK - http://www.cyfn.ca/