Behind the scenes of the REEES roll-out in British Columbia

After months of planning, the Regional Early Childhood, Education and Employment Survey (REEES) launched last month on the West Coast. But before this could happen there was a lot of ground work to cover to make sure that deployment would go off without a hitch. That’s why earlier this year FNIGC’s REEES team travelled to British Columbia to deliver a two-day training session to our Regional Partners at the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) in Victoria.    

In February REEES National Project Coordinator Derek Thompson, REEES Technical Coordinator Katie Wood and REEES Statistical Analyst Kyla Marcoux met FNHA’s Megan Misovic and her staff to conduct field worker training and discuss how the survey would roll out in B.C. The FNHA, one of FNIGC’s 10 regional partners across Canada, is responsible for administering the REEES (and its sister survey, the RHS) across the nearly one-million square kilometres of the province, and therefore plays a pivotal role in the survey’s success.

Katie Wood, Megan Misovic and a FNHA staffer

Though all partner organizations receive comparable funding from FNIGC, each is tasked with developing individual implementation plans for data gathering that suit the specific needs of their region. This flexibility is important, since it takes into account the cultural and social differences that exist from province to province, and region to region within the provinces.  

For example, B.C. accounts for 33 of the 250 First Nations reserve and northern communities selected to take part in the REEES. Our partners at the FNHA have divided these communities into five geographic regions (Interior, Fraser Salish, Vancouver Coastal, Vancouver Island and Northern) based on their established Regional Health Authorities.


Since the training session FNHA has assigned Team Leads for each region, each of whom are responsible for managing the Field Workers who will conduct the surveys in the 33 selected communities. By modelling the regions on the five B.C. Regional Health Authorities our regional partners at the FNHA plan on tapping into the existing infrastructure that’s already been established – which will help save time and money in the coming months.

Many thanks to Megan for hosting our team and taking the time to meet and plan. Best of luck as the REEES rolls out this summer across beautiful B.C.!