Welcome to the First Nations Information Governance Centre’s Training page

The Vision and Mission Statements of the FNIGC provides important insight to the Centre with respect to its mandate, its accountability to First Nations, its commitment to capacity development and growth and to uphold the First Nations Principles of Ownership, Control, Access and Possession (OCAP®).

The First Nations Principles of OCAP® means that First Nations control data collection processes in their communities.  First Nations own, protect and control how their information is used.  Access to First Nations data is important and First Nations determine, under appropriate mandates and protocols, how access to external researchers are facilitated and respected.  

The right of First Nations communities to own, control, access, and possess information about their peoples is fundamentally tied to self-determination and to the preservation and development of their culture. OCAP® allows a community to make decisions regarding why, how and by whom information is collected, used or shared.