Snookie Catholique

Originally from Łutselkʼe, Northwest Territories, Snookie Catholique has called Yellowknife home for the past 30 years. An Indian Residential School system Survivor, Snookie is is fluent in Denesuline and is committed to the preservation and promotion of Dene language and culture.

Currently the Director of Information Services with the Dene Nation, Snookie previously served as the Languages Commissioner of the Northwest Territories and for 25 years worked as a journalist with CBC North, during which time she gained an acute understanding of the issues facing Indigenous people, especially the Dene across the Northwest Territories.

Her cumulative and ecletic experiences to date have given her a unique appreciation of the importance of safeguarding data and documenting historical information. Snookie is also a great listener, and encourages others to approach her with ideas or thoughts that could potentially help build a better future for Indigenous people.