FNIGC introduces reimagined The Fundamentals of OCAP® online course

Developed in collaboration with First Nations thought leaders, subject matter experts, and online education professionals, the First Nations Information Governance Centre (FNIGC) is pleased to announce a revised and reimagined version of its popular online course The Fundamentals of OCAP®.

Relaunched to mark the 25th anniversary of The First Nations Principles of OCAP®, the course is the result of more than a year of design and teamwork and features important content updates, moving original work from First Nation artists, and inspiring voice-over narration from First Nations actors.

Supported by Algonquin College Corporate Training, The Fundamentals of OCAP® is a unique online learning opportunity designed by First Nations for First Nations, using a welcoming and culturally informed approach to take learners on a journey through the importance of First Nations ownership, control, access, and possession of First Nations data.

This introductory course explores and investigates the OCAP® principles and offers learners the opportunity to see them as part of a larger story. The course is divided into six modules each lasting between 30-50 minutes, plus a course introduction, each featuring interactive elements and knowledge checks.

Upon successful completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • describe the principles of OCAP®,
  • understand key foundational concepts for OCAP® such as Data Sovereignty and Information Governance,
  • understand First Nations collective rights, and the difference between asserting and respecting OCAP®, and
  • connect the context and importance of OCAP® to your current work or role.

FNIGC is proud to offer this ground-breaking online course that explores First Nations self-determination, self-governance, and collective rights to data sovereignty through the framework of The First Nations Principles of OCAP®.

To learn more about the new OCAP® course and to find out how to register, go to https://fnigc.ca/ocap-training/take-the-course/

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