Gwen Phillips

A citizen of the Ktunaxa Nation, Gwen Phillips is currently championing the B.C. First Nations’ Data Governance Initiative which is commited to equipping First Nations with the capacity and resources they need to govern—and own—their communities’ data. She has previously worked in a variety of senior roles for the Ktunaxa Nation Council focusing on: education, health, corporate services, Traditional Knowledge and Language, and Governance Transition.

In addition, Gwen is currently assisting Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) in the implementation of their Indigenous Community Development National Strategy. She has also developed and instructed First Nation Studies courses at the elementary, secondary, and college levels and continues to function as a public educator.

As a member of the First Nations Health Council, Gwen helped negotiate the transfer of Health Canada’s BC Region First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB) to First Nations control.

Gwen enjoys being on the land or at the river with her granddaughter, and spending time with her family.