FNIGC launches new-and-improved version of its popular online data tool

The First Nation Information Governance Centre (FNIGC) is pleased to announce the launch of the FNIGC Knowledge Lodge, a new-and-improved version of FNIGC Data Online, its long-standing knowledge translation application.

The new FNIGC Knowledge Lodge offers the same reliable no-cost access to hundreds of FNIGC’s published charts and tables, but in a new platform that features enhanced functionality, an improved look-and-feel, and an optimized user experience.

Users of the FNIGC Knowledge Lodge will now have the ability to directly print charts or tables, access links to the data in its original context (allowing users to reference the original report) and download data in a range of file formats (including png, jpeg, PDF, and vector-based files, as well as CSV and XLS).

Originally launched in December 2013, FNIGC Data Online put First Nations data in the hands of community, students, researchers, policy makers and decision-makers, where it was used to inform in presentations, proposals, reports, and papers.

In the decade since its debut, the online tool has provided tens of thousands of users free access to more than 400 hundred of FNIGC’s charts and tables originally published in our foundational First Nations survey reports, including the First Nations Regional Health Survey (FNRHS, or RHS) and the First Nations Regional Early Childhood, Education and Employment Survey (FNREEE, or REEES).

The new FNIGC Knowledge Lodge furthers this commitment, with a new platform and a new name that is representative of FNIGC’s ongoing dedication to supporting knowledge translation initiatives for First Nations communities.

FNIGC is an independent, apolitical, and technical non-profit organization operating with a special mandate from the Assembly of First Nations’ Chiefs-in-Assembly (Resolution #48, December 2009). FNIGC is committed to ensuring that it’s data and information is easily accessible to community and First Nations data stakeholders.

To try out the new FNIGC Knowledge Lodge tool, visit https://fnigc.ca/first-nations-data-centre/data-online/